Top Career Options after Studying BA Honours in Philosophy

If you want to study a unique course that offers different job opportunities in the future, you can consider pursuing a BA in Philosophy. For studying this course, you need to find the best b a hons philosophy colleges in lucknow. Make sure that the college comes with UGC approval. Apart from that, the reputation of the college is also important. Philosophy deals with complex matters. Hence, it would help if you had proper guidance from good teachers. A good college must offer highly qualified and talented faculty. So, why should you study philosophy? What are the career options for you after completing your BA in philosophy? You will find answers to these questions below.


After studying philosophy, many people want to become writers. Pursuing BA in philosophy will help you to think creatively. When you can express your thoughts in words, you can easily become a successful writer. You can become a novelist by writing fiction. Alternatively, you can write on current affairs in various newspapers and journals. Writers should have exceptional creativity to think independently. Your writing should be thought-provoking and entertaining. When you have these qualities, you can become a successful writer.


After studying philosophy, you can work as a motivational coach. The demand for a motivational coach is high among sportspersons, celebrities, corporate employees, etc. What is the job of the motivational coach? The job of the motivational coach is to help people to think positively. Due to repeated failures, many people lose motivation. It happens commonly with sportspersons. Thus, they need a motivator to cheer them up. The job of the motivational coach is to help the sportspersons to realize their worth. Similarly, corporate employees lose motivation due to tremendous work pressure. They need a motivational coach for staying productive for their organizations.

Mental Counselor

Many people become confused at certain phases of life due to many reasons. If you are suffering from such a confused state of mind, you need a mental counselling expert to help you in regaining focus and confidence. Many entrepreneurs lose motivation when they do not find success in their businesses. However, they do not realize that a little more effort will make them successful. The job of the mental counsellor is to help the clients in confidence-boosting. It helps a person to think rationally. When you can think rationally, you will be able to avoid confusion.


All successful business persons are great philosophers. Many of them may not have studied philosophy. They inherit philosophical thoughts naturally. Studying philosophy will keep you one step ahead as an entrepreneur. For studying the subject, you need to find the top BA Hons philosophy colleges in Lucknow.

HR Manager

After completing graduation in philosophy, you can pursue a job as a human resource manager. Many small and medium scale companies search for students of philosophy for the HR manager job for their organizations. Instead of searching for jobs after BA in philosophy, you can also go for an MBA in HR Management. It will help you to get more respectable jobs with high remunerations.

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