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Top 10 best eCommerce Courier Aggregators in India

India is a land of eCommerce and a land that is more driven by the sort of products you can buy on the internet. It is an ever-growing industry, with several new products coming out every day. It makes sense for online stores to gain popularity by selling such products.

And couriers are the backbone of the eCommerce business in India. If they don’t deliver your products on time, customers will go to other websites and buy the product from there. Every eCommerce store needs a courier partner to grow their business, but finding a good one is not easy. The process is repetitive; you need to contact each courier, evaluate their services and finally hire one for your store.

Many online stores use a courier service like Blue Dart, Delhivery, etc. to deliver their shipped goods. The most important question that an eCommerce store/seller has is how much the total delivery cost will be before selling the desired product on his eCommerce website. To find out this information, you need an eCommerce courier aggregator or consultant.

What is an eCommerce Courier Aggregator?

An eCommerce courier aggregator is a company that specializes in helping eCommerce retailers delivers their products. They act as an intermediary between the retailer and various delivery services, making it easier for customers to get their orders delivered. A courier aggregator helps online businesses figure out which carriers are best for their needs, then manages them by providing inventory management software and tracking tools. They are usually also responsible for handling return requests and other customer service needs.

Benefits of using an eCommerce courier aggregator

Using an eCommerce courier aggregator can help you with your online business in a number of ways.

Time-saving: By having a single service provider handles all aspects of your delivery process for you. This includes arranging for a reliable carrier who will transport your items safely from one location to another.

Wide range of courier partners: You can have all your deliveries from different companies in one place. You don’t have to sign up for multiple accounts and manage them yourself—the aggregator does it for you.

Lower shipping rates: The aggregator will work with many different couriers and negotiate prices for you, so you can get the best deal possible on shipping.

Improved customer satisfaction: Customers are more likely to be satisfied with their delivery experience when they can track their package in real-time and see exactly when it will arrive at its destination.

Have peace of mind: Knowing that your shipments will arrive safely and on time. If there’s an issue with your package, the aggregator can help resolve it quickly and efficiently, because they’ve already established relationships with all their partners.

Top 10 best eCommerce Courier Aggregator in India

1. Courier Mitra

Courier Mitra is one of the leading courier aggregators software in India that has been delivering since 2018. Courier Mitra works with over 20+ carrier options to provide you with the best courier experience possible. With its Lowest cost Recommendation Engine, you can take advantage of the lowest shipping rates possible. It is a multi-carrier shipping solution that saves you from the hassle of maintaining multiple accounts with different courier companies. You only have to deal with one company, which makes everything simpler.

2. Pickrr

In the e-Commerce sector, Pickrr is a popular shipping aggregator. It is their specialty to provide speedy delivery in India, even to the most remote locations. The Pickrr company offers discounted rates based on how many orders they handle each month. They have partnered with 11+ courier services.

3. RocketBox

The RocketBox eCommerce aggregator works with 8+ courier partners but offers service to multiple areas. E-commerce businesses have been able to determine their profit margins in advance with their rate calculator, which is their most popular feature.

4. ShipDroid

Its account management system and dashboard make ShipDroid a popular aggregator because they allow retailers to analyze their sales in real-time and track orders. In accordance with their automatic allocation engine, this courier aggregator allows you to send packages by air, rail, or road. They have partnered with 5+ courier services.

5. ShipYaari

Another major shipping aggregator is ShipYaari. ShipYaari is capable of handling large volumes of orders at competitive prices. In addition to fast delivery and COD, ShipYaari offers express COD. 9+ couriers are associated with the company.

6. Shyplite

At fairly low prices, Shyplite provides shipping aggregation solutions that are easy and efficient. Customers praise the company’s extremely responsive and effective customer service team, as well as its AI-generated recommendation engine. As a Shyplite customer, you are charged per shipment based on factors like volume, weight, and delivery location. Shyplite works with more than 16 courier companies.

7. ShipKaro

We next come to ShipKaro, which is a company that specializes in bulk orders and drop shipping at extremely low prices. It comes in the form of three different monthly plans, based on the number of orders fulfilled each month. 15+ couriers are partnered with them.

8. ECourierz

Since its inception, eCourierz has been a top-rated shipping aggregator in India. This might be due to their wide range of services. They offer their clients competitive rates to ship internationally while providing safety standards. They work with over 18 courier companies.

9. EasyShip

Associated with large global retailers, EasyShip is a prominent cloud shipping platform. You can integrate complete shipping capability into your ERP, warehouse, or platform, and manage shipping options through your website. 15+ couriers are partnered with EasyShip.

10. ShipDelight

Shipping and distribution have been ShipDelight’s business for over 55 years. Founded by shipping experts, ShipDelight strives to combine the needs of eCommerce retailers with its logistics and distribution services, and thereby solve the many problems associated with shipping aggregation. ShipDelight is partnered with 11 couriers.

Would You Like To Work With More Than One Provider? Manage them all in one place.

Courier service providers can prove challenging or expensive for most e-commerce companies. When you work with one provider, you may sometimes have to make compromises or risk missing out on potential markets because the provider is not present in those markets. An easy way to prevent this is to invest in a courier aggregator.

With a courier aggregator like Courier Mitra, you can handle all logistics operations in a single place. It’s the perfect service for people who want to save time, money, and hassle when shipping items around the city. Courier Mitra allows you to search for couriers based on their availability, price, experience level, and more! Courier Mitra was created as a way to make logistics easier for eCommerce businesses. If you’re looking to get something shipped quickly and easily, Courier Mitra can help! Visit  and signup for 14 days FREE trial.

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