8 Proven Tips to Create an SEO-Friendly Website in 2021

By mohitbisht

In the times when digital marketing is steps ahead of all other marketing methodologies, building an SEO-friendly website has become the need of the hour. Integrating SEO optimizations into your website is necessary to increase its presence on all the major search engines, particularly on Google SERPs.

Google is important because around 90% of the total organic searches come from it. This is the reason each competent website design company always remains particular about the SEO-friendliness of the website, that it designs and develops.

Here are 8 proven tips that can help you make a website SEO-friendly:

Make sure the website has user-friendly URLs

To make any website SEO-friendly, it is necessary to put the structure of URLs on top priority. You need to make sure that each page has a simplified and unique URL. Never overlook the minutest of the details in this regard and instruct your website design company to be very specific about it.

Post original, unique, and high-quality content

As you know the text-based searches form a large part of the total organic searches on Google, and it all works when the content posted is high-quality, unique, and original. Even a small piece of duplicate content can lead to the penalization of the entire website. Content is always one of the major issues when it comes to achieving higher rankings for any website.

Therefore, you must double-check the content for any duplication or even near duplication before posting on to the website. If you approach the best SEO Company in Delhi NCR for promotion, it will also keep the content always on top priority. Well-written, lucid, relevant, and crispy content is the new normal with most business websites these days.

Creating an XML Sitemap is crucial

Creating the XML sitemap occupies a very prominent position when it comes to making things easier for search engines to understand the overall structure of your website. The more simplified data you pass on to search engines, the more possibility you have to prioritize your pages based on their importance on the website. In case you have an existing website with no such feature in it, you can approach the best SEO Company in Delhi NCR to carry out the task.

Take care of all-device compatibility

Gone are the days when websites were accessed only on conventional computers and laptops. Today, more than half of the world’s total websites are seen on smartphones, tablets, and even smart television. Instruct your website design company that you need your website to be well optimized. For all types of devices so that it can provide all users with a hassle-free and user-friendly experience.

All-device compatibility can also be defined as the responsiveness of the website, and as suggested by the best SEO Company in Delhi NCR, responsiveness also plays a crucial role in determining its high rankings on all the major search engines.

Use Robots.txt

In case, for any specific reason, you want some of the pages on your website not to be crawled, then make smart use of robots.txt. This exercise will make the search bots not crawl those specific pages. In case you are going to restructure your website for some reason, then it is necessary to update all the robot.txt files. Business owners often do it to save on their crawl budgets with the support of the best SEO Company in Delhi NCR.

Ensure effective and efficient off-page optimization

Effective and efficient optimization of a website is all about managing its amplification and taking care of its digital marketing aspects. This optimization helps your website gain authority by earning links and different types of social media mentions resulting in more traffic and increased rankings. The best SEO Company in Delhi in NCR always considers off-page optimization as one of the most unfailing tools to boost up the ranking of any website.

Some of the most popular off-page techniques include the following:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the competitors’ strategies to understand what they are doing to push their rankings
  • Making smart use of keyword-stuffed anchor text in the inbound links
  • Earning as many inbound links as can be possible from high authority websites
  • Earning links from all sources that go deeper into the content of your website. 
Lay stress upon effective and meaningful internal linking

Effective and efficient internal linking is one of the best ways to build up page authority that provides your reader/visitors with ease of smooth navigation. Always remember that your readers always want relevant and easy-to-read options on your website which in turn inspires them to stay on your webpages for a longer duration. This again results in a better and enhanced ranking of your website. For better linking, you need to approach the best SEO Company in Delhi in NCR. 

Image optimization also matters a lot

High definition but easy-to-load images are part and parcel of any successful business or even personal website. They are the only medium of powerful visual communication between the visitors and the website. While your website is in the development stage, instruct your website design company to keep images light on load and high on the resolution. You also might need to get some work done on the images using some specific imaging software. Further, the optimization of each image is necessary.

Concluding Remarks

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