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How to Know The Basics of Any ELearning Development Project

Corporate learning solutions are used immensely by businesses to train their employees and to increase their knowledge, skills, and various behaviour patterns. Therefore, the corporate eLearning development environment is focused upon a mixture of classroom training modules, on-the-go modules, popular eLearning, LMS modules, and many more. Conventional instructor-led training is still the most popular form of delivery that accounts for almost 50% of its training budget. eLearning makes up around 30% of the budget and is growing fast with technology and usage patterns that focus on any time and anywhere learning mode.

What is eLearning?

In a nutshell, any corporate eLearning development that uses electronic media to provide knowledge is called eLearning. Any of such corporate learning solutions content could be in the form of text, images, multimedia, animations, and more. They rely on internet technologies to be delivered to their audience through suitable electronic devices. These modules are generally self-paced modules that are usually hosted and controlled through a learning management system or LMS. Corporates are increasingly adopting eLearning as they provide a host of benefits, including lower training costs, improved convenience for the users, and their effectiveness to provide targeted learning.

How are the modules created?

Most corporate learning solutions use one of the many instructional design models available to create their learning content. The most common one is the ADDIE model that stands for analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. This is increasingly being used with the SAM model to create self-paced modules for various corporate eLearning development works. SAM is an agile development model that is iterative and overcomes the linear approach of the ADDIE model. It has three phases: preparation, design, and development. Each of these phases allows an iterative process of constant communication with the design team and the stakeholders.


How to estimate the duration of your eLearning module?

This is an important thing for any corporate eLearning development to properly estimate the costs and time involved in developing a suitable course. Most corporate learning solutions simply count the number of slides in a storyboard and allow around a minute and a half to each slide for further calculations. Thus, a 20 slide storyboard will produce around half an hour of eLearning module. Remember that this method only provides a rough approximation that may have a variance of around 15-20% on the time and costs. A flawless method of calculation is to view the final eLearning material produced.

The different avatars of eLearning

There are a ton of eLearning styles that can be blended in a variety of ways to produce great results for any corporate learning solutions. Choosing the right kind of learning style will define the quality of your corporate eLearning development. Some of the famous eLearning styles are blended learning, microlearning, mobile learning, JIT learning, and more. Blended learning is simply a mixture of more than one style, while microlearning is smaller chunks of modules not more than five to ten minutes. Mobile learning is delivered through mobile devices, while JIT or Just-in-Time learning includes a quick recall of important information.

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