How to Gain Weight At Home

By mohitbisht

Nowadays weight gain is a big problem for slim people, we are adopting many ways to gain weight, but we do not use them properly. So in this blog, I will share a 3-month diet and exercise plan that will help in gaining weight:-



3- Take a rest

Miles – The first step is that you start taking miles regularly and take extra miles that you would not normally take. If you cannot take extra miles in food then you can take liquid miles like – juice, cake and extra. Always remember one thing that does not consume junk food, mass gaining supplements and alcohol, it will make your body fat for a short time, but in the long run, it will hurt you a lot. And reduce the intake of salt and chilli in daily meals.

Three things that are necessary to gain weight in the body

1 -Fat


3- Carbohydrates-

Fat sources –                                             

Coconut Oil
Egg Yolk
Olive Oil
Rice brain oil

Carbohydrates source –

White Rice
White Bread
Brown Rice
Sweet Potatoes

Proteins Sources –

NON – VEGETARIAN                     VEGETARIAN         
  Chicken                           Paneer
Salmon Fish                           Seeds
  White Eggs                           Beans
  Meat                           Nuts
  Lamb                           Tofu
  Sardines Fish                           Soya chunks
  Whole egg                           Curd       
  Turkey                           dal

Exercise-  Now you are eating more miles, so it is necessary to exercise to digest it so that you can do it for the benefit of your muscles and body. You can do two ways of exercising. Firstly you can join the gym, and if you do not want to go to the gym then you can start running, swimming and other cardio form exercises.

Take a rest – Now you are eating more miles and exercising daily, Now is the time to relax you should take 8 hours of sleep daily So that your food is well digested and overall helps you to increase your weight.

Conclusion – Conclusion Do not leave these practices in the least, at least try for it Three to six months and the result will be in front of you. And in one thing I want to say to you, stay away from junk food and masturbation as much as you can. Believe it is very harmful to your body. And thank you for reading my whole blog I think you will like it so follow these tips and gain weight.

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