Everything you Need to Grow a Gorgeous Green Indoor Garden

From homeowners to home decor experts, everybody has become obsessed with houseplants. Their natural look, colorful appeal, and endless health benefits, make them the best home decor accessory.  While the idea of growing plants may seem troublesome, because of the discussion around their maintenance and care, in reality, they are much simpler to manage than you think. If you choose the right plant and place it correctly near your windows, you don’t have to water or worry about it for days.

Plus these accessories can be displayed anywhere from your office, studio, home to a cafe, or restaurant. Plants not only help beautify your corners and purify the air in your space but also have been proven to improve homeowners’ moods and mental health. So, hop on this trend and enjoy all the benefits that come with it.

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Explore your Local Nursery

Now that we have covered the basics and hopefully convinced you, we would also recommend you to buy plants from your local nurseries as they offer healthier plants. While you might feel tempted to order the plants as soon as you see them on Instagram, know that the transit and packaging can tamper their leaves beyond repair, which often leads its untimely death in your home, which might de-motivate you to take on this hobby. Plus the transportation during delivery also contributes to pollution that can be eliminated if you just visit your local nursery. At the nursery, you can get better deals, while having an interaction with an expert on how to take care of each species.


Tips for Decorating your Houseplants           

Apart from the basic gardening tools online, invest in these plant decoration accessories based on your interior design to create an eclectic display. Use planters for an elevated look, plant stands for creating glamorous green arrangements, and water cans for reminding yourself to water the plants.

Home Decor Products you need for Growing Beautiful Indoor Gardens


You can accentuate your natural greens with planters and pots collections online. Instead of keeping the plants packed in the plastic pot in which they were delivered, transfer them into sustainable metal planters to add the elegance of design, and aesthetic to your space. Available in a wide range of geometrical shapes, colorful patterns, and sturdy finishing, explore metal planters online to give your home a trendy and eco-friendly update.


Plant Stands 

Most people see plant stands as mere, decorative, or inconsequential objects – when they play a pretty significant role in keeping your houseplants nice and green. As we are aware different plants require different levels of sunlight, these compact furniture pieces act as a stage for your pots offering them height to reach the windows to access direct or indirect light.

These plant stands also serve as furniture pieces and add a visually artful appeal to the room. Pair this plant stands, with your favorite herb, accent, candle stand, or lamp to introduce a tasteful touch to your rooms. Of course, their main goal is to accentuate plants on an elevated surface, but they can definitely be decorated creatively.


Water Can

An absolute essential when it comes to planting care! Display small water can next to your pots to remind yourself to water your natural beauties. Instead of using your water bottles, explore the internet to buy some cutesy garden water cans. Available in beautiful colors and shapes, these garden tools come in a wide variety of options.


Whether you are experimenting or only have one plant or a collection, use these decorative home decor items to help your houseplants grow and look more stunning.


Our Recommendations:

Low Maintenance Houseplants: If you are new to the gardening trend, try these succulents:

Snake Plant


ZZ Plant

Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Evergreen



Rabbit’s Ear

These plants thrive in all seasons and require very little care and water, just trim their leaves regularly and water them weekly based on the humidity level in your space.

Go to to buy water cans, plant stands, and planters online!

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