Why is the Modern-Day Education Curriculum based on Interactive Learning?

By mohitbisht

Interactive learning is emerging as the most promising method of learning. The education arena has already accepted that interactive learning is a more effective teaching method for stirring the dormant instinct of questioning in students. Some students take part in every class activity, while some always shy away from participating.  Teachers can point out these students and encourage and involve them to participate freely. By engaging the nonparticipating students into quizzes, discussions, and debates directly, teachers can turn the most silent ones into the most vocal ones over time in the best llb college in Chhattisgarh.

Teachers Can Encourage the Students to Ponder

Education is not all about passing down theories and concepts. It is more of making a person capable of thinking, analyzing, and inferring on given situations, incidences, or fundamentals. While discussing a lesson, a teacher can ignite the fire of curiosity in students just by tickling their interest a little.

Assignments or tasks that would require the students to go deeper into the analysis of things associated with the lessons can be a clever way of encouraging curiosity in students. The deeper they will dig, the more attractive they will find the class.

Teachers can use laboratory sessions, club activities, and more as a tool for instilling curiosity in young minds. However, initially, the teacher might have to encourage the students and applaud their efforts. If the teachers could be persistent in their actions, even the most inactive student of the class will eventually find his/her domain of interest and nurture curiosity.

The Ever-Growing Importance of Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is when you have witnessed something, and you have some opinion or questions regarding it. Many people do have critical thinking when they notice something and are unable to accept the outcome of it. There are certain people who have questions regarding the topic, but they suppress their questions and accept the solution without questioning or discussing it with others.

Critical Thinking makes a Student Learn Faster

But people who witness something or read about something and ask questions after question about the topic learn more about the subject than those who silently accept and learn everything they have been told to learn. When people have questions, and they critically evaluate everything, they try to ask questions and seek answers. The top BSc colleges in Chhattisgarh have an updated curriculum that emphasizes the development of students appropriately. This helps the students to be successful in the future.

Critical thinking means questioning what you have witnessed or read. This habit is beneficial for every individual in any phase of life and any situation. Sometimes the practice of critical thinking is natural, and students or individuals need just to polish it during their life. But mainly, it is not inborn, and teachers or parents have to develop this habit in their students. For developing the practice of critical thinking, usually, teachers and parents do different activities to make students honk and question things.

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