How to Learn the English Language At Home

By mohitbisht

Hey, Guy’s if you want to learn and speak the English language, you are in a right place in this blog, I will share some tips and trips, which will help you to learn the English language.

Before I begin, I would like to tell you a few things that will inspire you. In learning any new language or something new, the person has to face the initial problem as you are moving away from your comfort zone. So you will have to face this problem while learning English, you have to work continuously.

Below are some tips that you should use daily And that helps so much to English Language At Home:-

  1. Think in English
  2. Read the daily newspaper (Article section)
  3. Use English words in a daily life sentence
  4. Watch English subtitle movies and listen to English song
  5. Talk with someone whose English is better than you
  6. Talk to yourself
  7. practise

Think in English – This is a simple and first step that will help you a lot in learning English. Many students make the very simple mistakes. when they speak in English, they think it in Hindi, which is why they speak intermittently and their confidence is also lost in intermittent speaking. so think in English and speak without any filter.

Read the daily newspaper –   This is a very important practice for learning English as you get two major benefits when reading a daily newspaper. You get new English words and the other one will your pronunciation well. While reading the newspaper, please carry a notebook and note down the words that you cannot understand and after some time you will see you have your own dictionary.

Use English words in a daily life sentence – Use English words as much as possible in the spoken language in your personal life. This will make your pronunciation good and due to repeated use, you will not have to think about these words while speaking English as they may have been printed in your mind due to repeated use. And you will be able to use them comfortably and confidently.

Watch English subtitle movies and listen to English song-  Watching and listening to English movies and songs will make your mind get used to listening and watching English and the next time that word is used again, you understand it easily, and it will help you learn quickly. It becomes. And by having subtitles, you can read and understand words that you do not understand.

Talk with someone whose English is better than you – Now you have come to a stage where you understand English sentences and almost know the words and meanings, now it is a simple way to speak English, try to talk to people who are good at English. , Good English means they are better than you. Who can tell you your mistakes and rectify them.

Talk to yourself – If you are a shy person then this exercise is for you if you do not want to talk to someone around you in English. So you can talk to yourself like you can stand in front of a mirror and talk to yourself in English. This practice will make your confidence higher. But keep in mind one thing while doing this practice that you spoke loudly so that you can listen to your spoken words and improve them.

Practise – This is the last and most important practice. The more you practice, the more quickly and quickly you will learn. Therefore, please practise all instructions daily. And do not leave practise exhausted.

Thank you

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