Fashion Photography: The Modern Addition to Fashion

By mohitbisht

What makes fashion accessible to the world at large? It is probably not the number of people who attend fashion shows. Those are mostly for professionals who are already part of the industry. It is the visual representation of fashion that is the source for most people to become aware of the world of fashion—through the world of fashion magazines that feature photos of the latest fashions displayed either as a showcase of an individual fashion house or as part of the coverage of a fashion show featuring numerous designers.

The Beginning of Fashion Photography:

The earliest form of fashion in magazines was hand-drawn—sketches and illustrations were what these magazines used, as did other forms of media, like advertising. However, it was only in the early 1900s that photography became part of the mainstream fashion media. Photographs of real-life models wearing contemporary fashion made an instant splash with readers. Today, fashion photography is not just limited to magazine spreads of haute couture collections: it also makes its presence felt in advertising and even in social media. It is therefore a small wonder that Fashion Photography courses in Mumbai are all the rage.

Fashion photographers can get their basic training at any Fashion Designing institute in Mumbai, but enrolling in the best institution for Fashion Photography courses in Mumbai would be a clever move for a budding photographer. Fashion photographers need not only an eye for images but also an innate sense of the manner fashion is to be presented in. Thus, training in Design and Fashion is going to be a great asset for future Fashion Photographers as it enables them to create images that can translate the represented fashion in the best manner possible into an aesthetic yet representative visual.

Being A Fashion Photographer:

After completing training at the best Fashion Designing Institute in Mumbai and specializing in Photography, young artists can make their mark in a variety of divergent yet overlapping fields of work. For instance, advertising is always on the lookout for young photographic talent who can bring their creative minds to bear on the best visuals for a campaign. Similarly, there are opportunities for photographers to be part of fashion houses as part of the in-house visualization team. Photographers are certainly required by fashion magazines who are looking to create customized layouts for their issues.

Finally, there are well-known and reputed Fashion Photographers who have become brands in themselves and run their own successful businesses. All these various prospects are good careers for young photographers with beginner salaries hovering around the 5 lakh per annum mark but can be a lot higher than that based on the talent and skill of the photographer. Some companies do pay upwards of 10 lakh per annum to brilliant beginners. In the long run, salaries can increase to more than 30 lakh per annum. Fashion Photography is thus an appropriate recommendation for young photographers who aspire to have great careers.